Buying Property in Marylebone

It’s important to work with an estate agent who is 100 percent committed to your needs and has a thorough understanding of how the local property market works. If you are buying in the competitive London market and looking at property for sale Marylebone is one of the capital’s most sought after central areas. This desirable neighbourhood is convenient to everything and is home to elegant Georgian houses, London’s medical profession and Sherlock Holmes. Finding the perfect Marylebone property is easier if you follow the tips below.


It’s highly recommended that you visit the offices of at least a few local estate agents to discuss your needs and get a feel for whether they can help you. But before you visit, you need a list of possible companies and one way is to ask family, friends or coworkers for their recommendations. Most are only too happy to do so and once you have a list, you can work on narrowing it down.

Have Specific Requirements

Dealing with a ‘jack of all trades’ is definitely not advisable when it comes to buying property, and you need to work with someone who has the relevant experience. An agent with residential experience is the person to turn to if you are buying a house or flat to live in; on the other hand, the expertise of an agent with commercial experience is needed if you are buying commercial property.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Other than the actual cost of the home, one of the most important questions to ask your estate agent is whether you will need to do renovations when you move in and you are buying it as is, or whether the current owner will do the work for you. It’s important to ask the right questions and make sure you get the answers you need – it can be a good sign that you have chosen the right estate agent to work with.

If you are buying property in Marylebone, we invite you to contact the area’s leading estate agent, Jeremy James. Whether you visit in person, ring the office or email, you can be assured of personal service, and the advice of someone who really knows the area. Go to

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