Lawn Care: How to Mow Wet Grass?

Many parts of the country experience drought to the point that even grasses die. However, there are many parts of the country which starts summer with dew here and there. Having wet grass makes it difficult to mow and maintain, and therefore you can see many lawns with large greens during the wet season. While many believe grasses should not get trimmed when it is wet, there are times when it is unavoidable, and mowing is direly needed. You have to remember that lawn maintenance Houston during the wet seasons is indeed not easy but not impossible too. Provided you are careful and follow specific guidelines, your grass, as well as your lawn mower, is in good hands.

Move the Mower Deck Higher

It is a given that most of the grasses growing in damp areas are cool-season types since they are the ones most likely to survive in the area. You need to remember that different types of herbs grow best in different lengths. For these types of greens, they become best with a leaf of 3 – 4 inches. However, since most lawn owners are not aware of this information, they often cut it too short. Therefore, cutting them this way often gives off more problems especially when you need to mow the wet lawn. The mower is not capable of reducing these. Therefore the best solution for this concern is to increase the mower deck into the highest or second-highest setting.

Try Side-Discharge

During worst conditions, like when the grass is soggy, use side-discharge. What you need to do is set the mower to the highest setting but do not use mulching or bagging, just side-discharge. However, this type of technique often leaves rows of clippings. What you need to do here is to cross-mow using bagging or mulching, so they take care of the cuttings.

Control Fuel

You might think that stocking on fuel is a good idea but experts advice using stabilizer every time you fill up the gas can for the mower. Modern gasoline contains ethanol which often causes moisture. What you need to do is buy the fuel you need for two to three weeks at a time. When fuel is stabilized and is going through the fuel supply, it also prevents fuel contamination.

Sharpen Mower Blades

When you feel like your blade is dull, sharpen it immediately before using. Keeping the grass healthy is easy as long as the blade use can cut crisply. It is essential since dull blades can damage the greens. Furthermore, it makes mowing wet grass easier since it reduces rather than shredding the leaves.

Mow More Often

Most households mow every week when it is dry; however, when the weather is wet, it is advisable to harvest like every five days or so. Letting the grasses grow to make them look too shaggy and long. And you know that tall grasses especially when we are the most difficult to cut. You’ll need to cut them by parts, but again it is impractical and too time-consuming.

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